Launched November 2010

The conception of the Forum...

was presented by our President, Helen Kruger, at the SABF AGM in November 2010.   Here is the relevant extract from her blog:

...I am also thrilled to announce the advent of our   bridge forum   which will be available on our website. Tim Cope, Bernard Donde, Neville Eber and Craig Gower have offered to serve on the panel , which I foresee will play an important part in assisting players of all levels.

Of course the panel will change as we have many players that are willing to give of their time but we felt that four was the maximum that could serve on the panel at one time.

It will work as follows: if any player has a problem hand that they have encountered, they can send it to and Sid Ismail (who was the originator of the idea) will send it on to the whole panel and their responses will be returned to the applicant. Please note, that this will not be a forum to mediate on any argument between a pair, nor, to discuss any TD ruling that you may not like and we will be very vigilant in making sure this does not happen.

So guys and girls this is a great opportunity to pick the brains of our exclusive group. This feature is one more way we are trying to give back to our players.