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7026 Feb 2016Sheila Francis, JHBHow to bid this grand?
6915 OctLinette Gubb, Plettenberg BayPartner opens 2NT
6817 JulLinette Gubb, Plettenberg BayBidding over a preempt
6730 MarRob Davies, HarareOvercoming a WJO by them
6610 Jan 2015Mary Walter, Plettenberg BayA problematic sequence
651 JulyIngrid Wheeler, Cape TownHow to bid this grand?
644 Feb 2014Andre van Niekerk, Cape TownHow to bid this?
6318 NovBrian Shelly, Plettenberg BayBidding this to a Grand
6224 JulAndre van Niekerk, Cape TownValue of drury
6122 JulRose Duff, Cape TownHow should this game be bid?
604 JunMalcolm Siegel, Cape TownHow best to get to the grand
5930 AprBarbara Smith, JHBUse of double in competition
5812 MarJan Blomerus, Cape TownTakeout double or overcall a suit?
5713 Feb 2013Rose Duff, Cape Town What to open with 5 - 6 in spades - clubs
5621 DecMalcolm Siegel, Cape Town Bidding a powerhouse hand
5522 NovSheila Francis, Jhb Responding to an Overcall
5411 OctRose Duff, Cape Town Bidding query
5323 AugFrank Chemaly, Durban Defense against DONT
529 AugBrian Shelley, Plettenberg How to bid this slam?
518 AugAndre van Niekerk, Cape Town Fourth Suit Forcing
5023 JulySheila Francis, Johannesburg Overcoming interference to our 14-16 NT
499 MayIce Peenz, Pretoria Overcoming interference from opps
4816 AprCarol Grunder, Jhb Unusual over Unusual
4730 MarAndre van Niekerk, Bellville, C.T. Bid a suit or neg double?
4614 MarJan Blomerus, Bellville, C.T.Follow-up to fourth-suit-forcing
456 MarBarbara Smith, JHBDefence against a Multi
4427 Feb 2012Paul Reynolds, C.T.International Rules question
4314 DecAndre van Niekerk, C.T.Open 1 or 2?
429 NovAndre van Niekerk, C.T.How to bid after 2 opener
4112 OctDennis Sapire, USAWe missed a game
4015 SepBarry Goodman, UKResponding to a t/o dble
3913 SepSheila Francis, Joh'burgBest line?
3811 SepHarry Kanowitz, PretoriaPlaying against weird conventions
372 SepRose Duff, Hout BayOvercall a suit or t/o dble?
3611 AugBruce Wang, JohannesburgAnother misfit hand
352 JunAndre van Niekerk, Cape TownOvercall a suit or t/o dble?
3423 MayDiniar Minwalla, BotswanaOpener's rebid at the 5-level?
335 MayMartha Pistorius, PretoriaBest system when overcalling 1NT?
325 MayMartha Pistorius, PretoriaOpen 1H or 1NT?
3125 AprPeter Maybury, JohannesburgOvercoming the dreaded Multi again
3020 AprCharmaine Lipshitz, JohannesburgOvercoming the dreaded Multi
2914 AprJeff Sapire, JohannesburgOvercoming preempts
2814 AprImtiaz Kaprey, Cape TownIs the Law an Ass?
2712 AprSheila Francis, JohannesburgForcing NT in 2/1
2618 MarTim Cope, Cape Townagainst 5-level interferences
2515 MarBryan StrydomDo you open?
247 MarAnn Sturrock, Cape TownBidding query
234 MarAnn Sturrock, Cape TownCarding by partner on Ace lead
2223 FebJannie Blomerus, BellvilleLead against a slam
2123 FebSid Ismail, BenoniWe missed a slam
2017 FebAnn Sturrock, C.T.Rebid by responder problem
194 FebAnn Sturrock, C.T.Strong Overcalls
1826 JanAndre van Niekerk, BellvilleForcing bids in 2/1
1718 JanIan Glenn, Cape TownResponder's second bid in 2/1
1611 JanSheila Francis, JHBReopening in balancing seat
159 Jan 2011Martha Pistorius, PretoriaDouble-Dummy problem
1420 DecAnn Sturrock, CTBidding after opps preempt
1315 DecShirley Kaminer, CTWhat do you overcall here?
1213 DecAndre van Niekerk, BelvilleYet another "How to get to this grand?"
1113 DecMartha Pistorius, PretoriaAnother "How to get to this grand?"
1012 DecRoz Bernstein, JHBResponses to 5NT Grand Slam Force
910 DecAndrew Lee, SecundaSerious or non-serious 3NT better?
829 NovChris Bosenberg, JHBSpace constraints after 4NT ask / Minorwood
728 NovSid Ismail, BenoniSequences after 1NT - 2
625 NovAndrew Lee, SecundaMinor-suit stayman over 2NT
524 NovChris Bosenberg, JHBBidding over partner's preempt
423 NovMaureen Narunsky, CTJacoby 2NT structure
323 NovBernard Donde, JHBBreak transfer always with 4?
222 NovBernard Donde, JHBUse of 2NT in competitive auctions
22 Nov
Pete Maybury, JHBKey-card blackwood with a void