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QUERY 71:     Linette Gubb, Plettenberg Bay   25 Ap 2016

Please could your forum give advice on
how to bid the following hand.   
(NS vulnerable, Dealer is South, Pairs, E-W silent)

  Sp    Q
  H     A 6 2
  D     A Q 5 3 2
  C     A 7 6 2 

  Sp    J 10 9 8
  H     K 8 3
  D     K 10 9 7 4
  C     J

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QUERY 72:     Roz Bernstein   29 Nov 2016

  Please can I have the panels opinion on how to 
  proceed with the bidding on the following hand?

  Both Vul, Teams

  W                        E
  Q93                      KT65
  A97        `             J
  Q                        AKJ87
  AQJ972                   KT5

  W dealer opens 1C and North overcalls 2H.
  No further bidding by opponents 

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QUERY 73:     Sharon Izerel - 8th April 2017

  1.Could you ask the panel what the best way to bid
the following hand with an opening of 2CL by east? West hand East hand 72 AKQT K87 A654 AT8542 - T9 AQJ53 2.Should East open 1C, how should it go?

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QUERY 74:     Errol Walker - 26th  April 2017

  Opening hand not Vulnerable. 
  How would you open West's hand?

West hand                  East hand
AJ97543                    K108
106                        K874
Q1085                      AK42
Void                       53

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