QUERY 8:     16 June 2019   From Rose Duff, Cape Town

May I please ask the forum how to bid this hand?
It was hand no 19 at Trumps bridge club yesterday.
A pairs event.

West     North     East     South
 1C       4S        ?
  1. What should East bid now?
  2. What would 4NT mean here?

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QUERY 7:     2nd May 2019   From Sid Ismail, Benoni

This hand was played in Benoni yesterday, 
and everyone had a problem getting to the 
cold grand.  How would YOU four bid it?

Board 20 Both Vul - Dealer West
               S 9832
               H J108753
               D 7
               C 97
S AJ10                       S K
H A9                         H KQ6
D A108653                    D KQJ4
C AK                         C J6532
               S Q7654
               H 42
               D 92
               C Q1084

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